Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Chirstmas

Merry Christmas Dustin, we love and miss you!

Mari got a little sewing machine (she wouldn't be my daughter without one!) and a Eclipse calender for next year.

Kai got a remote control truck!

Logan got a building set that he can create things using a screw driver!

Cortnie got a new baby doll and lots of Dora stuff! Including "Backpack with Map!"

Santa also brought us a Wii that has been on since we plugged it in this morning!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time to play Catch Up!

I am sorry it has taken so long for me to post! I will try and do better! No Promises!

First Big Snow In Vernal!

The kids had lots of fun making their Snowman Family...There is a dad, mom, two small girls, and one small boy! I think they did great!

All Dressed up for Christmas!

Every year we have a tradition to take the kids pictures in front of the Christmas Tree with their Christmas church clothes the Sunday before Christmas... So that was today! Don't they look festive!

Getting Our Christmas Tree

The Millett's have a tradition to go up after Thanksgiving and cut down there own Christmas tree. Well, Dustin and I had thrown our fake tree away and was going to get a new one this year! Long story short, I decided to go with the Millett's to get a real tree this year! Needless to say I was not prepared for all the snow that we would have to go thru...with my 4 kids! But we had beginners luck and found our perfect tree very first!

Kai got to help Grandma Millett cut our family tree down...this was a hard moment for me, cuz it was Dustin's job to do this, but Kai did a great job!

After we had found our tree we had time to play in the snow! Didn't take to long and everyone was to cold! So we went to the car to wait for the others to find their tree's!

Mari Playing Basketball

Mari decided this year she wanted to play basketball, it helped to have her cousin DeLynee on her team. It was the first time she has ever tried and we think she did great for her first time trying!

She really enjoyed it and I think her dad would be happy she even tried!

Holly Day's in Vernal!

The day after Thanksgiving they have a "Holly Day" where there are rides and free entertaiment. So we all got bundled up and went to see what there was! It was COLD! Good thing they had free Hot Chocolate and fires everywhere to keep us warm!

The kids got to ride in the Christmas Train!

Most of it was really fun, but really cold!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Sunday Afternoons

Every Sunday we go visit Dustin's grave. This time we had a BYU and Utah Jazz flag to put with Dustin because it is that time of the year that he would have been watching both of them!

I think he would be pretty excited!

Mari and Cortnie were excited to have the flags there with dad!
Thanks to Jeff Durham and Richard for getting the flags for us!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


 Mari was a Twilight Vampire, Cortnie was Tigger, Logan was a red Power Ranger and Kai was Bumble Bee from Transformers.
This is all the cousins here in Vernal!

Carving Pumpkin's!

 The kids had fun cleaning out their pumpkin's although Kai and Mari have decided that bigger isn't alway's better! We really missed dad this year, he was always the creative one!

 The kids were very proud of there jack-o-lanterns and they all came up with thier own faces...

Family Pictures

We took these a few weeks ago...I think they turned out good. You never know with Cortnie and Logan!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dustin & Ashley's Headstone

I think it turned out perfect! It has a little of Dustin and a little of me!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lemonade Stand

About a week ago Mari and Dalaynee had an idea to make a "Lemonade Stand" to make some money. So they have been busy making signs and thinking up things they could sell. Of course they had lemonade, but they are also selling popcorn, peanuts, trail mix and water. They are having lots of fun and hope to earn some money today!
How would it be to be 8 years old again! You did a great job ladies! Good Luck!

Our new addition..

We would like you all to meet "Sugar". She started out as a outdoor cat, but then after we had to pry her out of 2 dogs mouth's, she became an indoor cat! She is really fun and the kids have loved having a pet around!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Boy's Will Be Boy's!

One day Kai and Darrek found a frog...of course Kai wanted to keep it. So I did what all good mothers would do which is to let him keep it if he kept it outside. So Kai and Darrek started to dig a hole for the frog to live in...I didn't hear from them for 2 hours so I thought I better check on them. So this is what I found...
Grinning from ear to ear! They were having so much fun in the mud! They tryed to make a water place and a dry place for the frog. Didn't really work to good!
This is Kai's frog that they caught... Later after they were covered in mud they found a big barrel and tryed to make that the frogs home. The frog had had enough and jumped out!
This is what happens when two 7 year olds find a frog! It was so worth it to see the huge grins on their faces!

Logan's Big Day... Preschool!

Logan was very excited to go to Preschool! He gets to ride the school bus and thinks that is pretty fun! He did so good the first day, he didn't even cry when I put him on the bus and waved good bye.. He gets to go on Tuesdays, Wednesday's and Thursday's.

First Day of School

Mari in her cute popcicle outfit for her first day of 3rd grade!
Kai in his Lego shirt for his first day of 1st grade!

Waiting to go out to the bus!

Kai's 7th Birthday

Kai wanted a Lego cake for his Birthday

So this is mom's attempt  to make it!

He had a great birthday and recieved lots of Lego's! I think mom has put more together and pick up more than he has!

We Moved...

This is our house that we moved into the middle of last month. It has been nice to have our own space and being able to use our own stuff. I missed my Pampered Chef stuff the most! :)