Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Vacation to California...

This year we decided to go to California again. We went with my sister Dana and her family and Hillary my neice came with me to help! We stayed in Las Vegas on the first night, then headed to California... we went to Disneyland for 2 1/2 day's, then to Universal Studio's. Then we went to Sea World and then Legoland before heading to St George where we stayed one night before heading home. We had so much fun!!!


1st day at Disneyland!

After Splash Mountain!

Universal Studio's....

We were able to see a Sherek 3D movie, the kids loved the Jurassic Park ride, we went on the Simpson's ride and we got to meet Sponge Bob Squarepants...

Sea World...
Petting the Starfish...

Cortnie loved the Seals!



This was a Star Wars thing made out of sand... really cool.

They had lots of Star Wars stuff... Kai and Logan were in heaven!


  1. What a fun trip Ashley. I'm sure it is one your kids will not forget

  2. I love it that you were able to do this. and with family. AND WITH A HELPER !!!
    We are heading to Disney World and we're taking a babysitter. I know. I know.

    Glad you guys had a great time. I love the matching shirts.

    We haven't hit legoland yet. It looks like someplace, the boys especially, would love.

  3. So fun and so much better with cousins!